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Sir Eric "David" Attenborough" takes us on a nature odyssey by quizzing us on weird and wild sea and land critters, but Will files a protest about how the quiz was conducted (Warning: Host beef). David can't always make up his mind on topics, because a 4mph English narrowboat police chase was almost as good as Disaster Girl seeking advice from Overly Attached Girl and Bad Luck Brian on how to sell her NFT for $450K. But Dave settles in on reptilian shapeshifters who live among us. Will introduces us to the battle of the Joshes replete with rock-paper-scissors and pool noodles. Which Josh was victorious!? 


I am an idiot and don't remember my website links. Hence I am called Eric Knows Nothing!



Disaster Girl:

Bad Luck Brian:

Overly Attached Girlfriend:





Before you call the police on something terrorizing your neighborhood, Eric lets us know it's probably good to check first to see if it's not a delicious pastry. Dave makes good on a promise to write (and kind of perform) a sea shanty for the show. With three topics to choose from (a dessert coffin and an elderly lady delivered to the wrong house) Dave tells us about a littering mystery. Speaking of mysteries, Will uncovers an international Lego theft ring involving the French. 


Creature terrorizing Poland Town Turns out to be a croissant:


Cream puff coffin:


Wrong lady, Wrong house:


Littering bandit:


Legos are the new gold :)





Heed Eric's warning from Canada; the zombie apocalypse is coming our way. Just look for the dead bodies and listen for the chattering teeth. And that isn't the only thing we have to worry about from Canada. Will suggests that somehow Rhea birds from the region will be weaponized to wreak havoc in Britain, which might be a more pleasant demise than being trampled by a zoo elephant while trying to get a photo with your two-year-old daughter (also a Will topic). Dave introduces the idea that at one point you have unknowingly attended a crow funeral, which would be a murder and a funeral at the same time. Delve more into these intelligent and highly resourceful birds on this episode of! 



BBC Wonderstruck Crows:


Top Crow Facts:


Crow thieves:




You all thought we took last week off to relax. Nooooo,  we were busy preparing only the finest and most absurd content for this week's show. We bring you Episode 15; chock full 'o stories and hilarity like Eric leading us on a guessing game to determine the origins of random human feet washing ashore in Canada. Dave lays out his Pinellas Park, Florida, origins of his fear of space aliens while lamenting that scientists debunked the light sail alien ship, Oumuamua. Will introduces us to who might very well be the worst boss ever in Miles Walker, a strong candidate for Florida Man. 


Our string of bad luck with show sponsors continued, but saved at the last minute by our new sponsor, Campbell's Chunky Semiconductors - farm fresh to your electronics device. 



More than a dozen feet in shoes have washed up on B.C. ... › news › bc-severed-foot-1.5903703





Eric spots Rainbow kidnap story from last episode using defense intelligence agencies. Ohio man thinks he's better looking than his mug shot. Dave discover a modern day pirate ship making its way around the world. Will exposes the rainforest bait and switch scheme.





Eric boasts that he deciphered the secret binary code on the underside of the Mars Perseverance lander parachute, only to leave the listeners hanging on what it is. He also proves the existence of Bigfoot in a most unconventional way.  Dave discusses the three times passing notes to girls in school went horribly wrong (scorn from a teacher, a doomed 17-hour relationship, and a D in trigonometry) and how the 16th-century technique of letterlocking would have kept out unwanted eyes. Will finds that the video game developers who over promised and under delivered on a popular game title got their comeuppance from hackers. 


Technology sucks and sometimes we want things back the way they were, which is where our new sponsor comes in. LikeB4. 


Eric's Links: 

Mars rover secret message and Bird thought to be extinct  Link 1 and Link 2

Dave's links:


Letterlocking link 1 and link 2

Will's Links:

Cyber Theft and Cyberpunk Link 1 and Link 2


In a discussion about show audience, Dave regales the listeners with a story that involves an ill-gotten cop car and an 80s TV star named Heather. From the comfort of his studio chair, Eric gives us the latest on the origins of how Stonehenge was built. Let's just say it was aliens and call it a day. Dave reveals his YouTube binge watching habits which, thematically, takes him to the countryside with cows and timber. With some theatrics, Will distresses about some kidnapping cases in the UK that remain unsolved. 


We welcome our newest sponsor, Podcast4U, for when lazy asses want to podcast. 


Eric's show discussion links:

Stone Hinge

Ice float rescue:,-By%20Scottie%20Andrew&text=The%20US%20Coast%20Guard's%20Great,from%20the%20local%20Coast%20Guard.

Dave's show discussion links: 


Out of the Woods Forestry:


The Hoof guy:


Little House on the Prairie:

Will's show discussion links:

Rainbow kidnapped:


Allen taken:


Florida Man is back! This time with a tattoo of the state on his forehead. Eric investigates further and of other state men competing for the goofy moniker. Dave calculates how many miles it would take the 66 people stuck on a Wisconsin ice floe to travel out to the North Atlantic Ocean. Will takes umbrage with seedless grapes that have seeds. The beginning of a protest movement? 


As we say goodbye to our sponsor CleanJohn, we welcome DadHug, for when you really need one. 


Pennsylvania men accused of hunting squirrels while high on marijuana

Florida man tattoos his forehead:


Wisconsin Ice FloeFluffy Kitten, Esq.


Nothing to see here but seeds

Back from a short hiatus. Eric had pul-enty of time to contemplate how to pull off the perfect crime and get away with it, as long as you’re willing to drive your victim to Idaho. Dave finds that the pandemic has given way for a resurgence of the Sea Shanty music genre. Will, fresh off of never having taken a law class, delves into Samurai justice to settle a divorce case. The show welcomes a new sponsor! 
P.S. we included our behind the scene cut of absolute debauchery.

Los Angeles UFO:


Cookie Monster Geode:


A sea shanty (Nathan Evans, Wellerman) :


 Yellow Stone Death Zone:


Man requests sword fight with ex-wife and lawyer to settle legal dispute:

Episode 9:

Get up off your COVID couch because Eric lets us know that if we don't we're going to start altering time. And if that isn't bad enough, Dave worries that toilets will be scanning the business end of our anatomy and automatically interfacing with Amazon to send us ointment when we need it. That and other CES 2021 oddities. Will The Big Brain marvels the sophistication of drone racing and plans on taking a whack at racing simulations (in lieu of doing it real life). 


We welcome our new sponsor. Bumper Buddy takes the hassle out of watching where you're going when you're on your cell phone. "Bumper Buddy, for when you really really don't want to be bothered." 


One Light Forever,the%20Livermore%2DPleasanton%20Fire%20Department

As the earth turns:


Butt survailance:

Petit Qoobo

Will: Drone racing or video game:

This week Eric cautions the listeners about getting too close to a sandbox tree, which will most certainly result in your early demise. Speaking of death, Eric lays to rest his ongoing Monolith updates. Dave shares some new "message in a bottle" stories and then talks about people who fish for other people's misfortune in rivers, canals and storage lockers. Will coaxes out stories from Eric and Dave from when they made poor driving decisions while being young and dumb. Will looks for the moral message in a 5 year old's solo journey to find a California Lamborghini. 
Eric: Gardening Know How-


Magnet fishing:

Episode 7:

This week Eric gives listeners an update on the Monolith, which has taken on a more snacky form; floats a floaty a theory about Jetpack Man; and tells us what the Koreans can now do in 20 seconds. Dave lets us know about a winemaking operation being conducted out of a wastewater treatment facility that leads to criminal charges and (regrettably) goes through a list of disgusting ingredients for making wine.  


Will introduces us to a holiday hero who we all can get behind: Florida Man. Altruistic and well-meaning, but much maligned and misunderstood, Florida Man is the gift that keeps on giving, year round. Will gives us the 12 Days of Florida Man. 


We welcome our new show sponsor, Datsbad Family Winery.   


Gold in the Garden:


Bullet Bubble:

Artificial Sun:


Sewage Wine:


Florida Man: To many to list!
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  • Hanging Out With Eric, Will and Dave
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